Comprehensive Grants Services

Whether you need help identifying potential funding sources, assistance writing a grant that you just can’t fit into your already busy schedule, or the full complement of grants research, writing and reporting, Shoestring Solutions will work with you to meet your grants program needs.

Grant writing: Through effective storytelling supported by data, Shoestring Solutions writes and prepares grant proposals and applications.  We draft and edit grant applications and proposals, working closely with the client.  Our grants have a strong focus on outcomes and utilize data to show a project’s impact. We have experience with private foundation requests, state-level and Federal grants.

Grant research: Shoestring Solutions prepares a grants calendar program for clients, based upon thorough grants research.  With access to multiple foundation directories, we delve into the wide array of funders to match clients with their best potential funding sources. 

Grant Reports: Shoestring Solutions assists with preparing and writing grant reports for clients that communicate the successes made possible through the grant.

Grants Readiness Program: For smaller, new nonprofits, creating a grants programs to support sustainability can seem like a daunting challenge.  Shoestring works with clients to formulate a case for support and identify a short list of potential funders.

Grants Cultivation Strategy:  We believe that organizations have greater success with grants when they build relationships with funders. With a combined total of 46 years of development experience, the Shoestring team advises clients on winning cultivation approaches to foundation and corporate funders.

Editing and Proofreading: Sometimes you need an extra set of eyes to review a proposal. The Shoestring team has exceptional editing and proofreading skills.  We review proposals for content and grammar to ensure the final product is strong, compelling, and polished.