Master Class


Among the highlights of my undergraduate and graduate years were the small, focused seminar classes on history that yielded great discussions with professors and classmates. There I also refined my academic focus and learned research methodologies. An added bonus was the friendships that blossomed. These seminars strengthened my studies while building a community of colleagues.

This week I was reminded of those seminars when I attended the Brandywine Chapter Association of Fundraising Professional’s April program led by Susan Detwiler on Strategic Planning. I gained new insights, chatted with colleagues, brainstormed with the group and meet new people. It was rejuvenating and brought me back to those seminars I so loved.

In Delaware, we are fortunate to have access to the Brandywine AFP Chapter, which provides programming and networking opportunities for development professionals. It is enriching to participate in discussions, gain knowledge and make connections in our nonprofit community.

As a consultant, my role has changed somewhat than when I was in-house development staff. But these “out of the office” interactions still expand the scope of my work. It is invigorating to hear issues facing nonprofit and development professionals, from large and small institutions, and to participate in an exchange of ideas—much like my days at university.

Shoestring Solutions for Nonprofits will present the May 18 AFP Program, Putting the Pieces Together: Crafting a Development Plan that Works. Check back for program details.

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