“Office-keeping” Tips for the New Year: Making a Resolution to Get Organized


With the holidays over and the December rush becoming a distant memory, I find January to be a great month for not only making resolutions but for also doing some “house cleaning”. I try to organize my files, gather paperwork for taxes, sort through clothes, toys and books and put aside ones to donate.

That same “house cleaning” can be very useful for Development and Communications officers at nonprofits. Set aside time this January to do some “office-keeping” and get things in order for a prosperous 2017. Here are some tips:

1) De-Clutter your Image Library

Review the photos and images you keep on file. Those photos that are three years old now? Archive them. Outdated logos or old invitation files cluttering up your folder? Move them to the archive as well. Once you clear out the “photo clutter”, make a list of images you think will powerfully capture your organization and its mission for publications, website and social media. Take photos and then add them to your library.

2) Website Review

Set aside an afternoon, tune into your favorite Pandora station and start reviewing each page of your website. Outdated events? Delete them. Old photos lingering about? Update them. Make sure content is fresh and reflective of your organization’s current goals. Write new content if necessary. Schedule a quarterly review of your site.

3) Tackle Returned Mail

Do you have a pile of address changes growing higher by the minute in your office? Is your email inbox stuffed with e-mails that bounced back? Buckle down and update your database to make sure you are able to reach all your organization’s members and friends.

4)Year in Review

The start of the new year is a great time to share your organization’s activities and achievements of the prior year with individual donors, foundations and corporate supporters. You can produce an annual report—or if your budget does not permit, create an information sheet outlining your successes. Share with stakeholders.

5) Schedule and Goals

Seize the month of January to map out plans. Set your goals and make a schedule of how you will achieve them. Use a calendar, word doc, excel sheet or google doc—anything to capture your plan for the year and timeframe for achieving it.

A little “office-cleaning” can really help get you organized and off to a good start!

One thought on ““Office-keeping” Tips for the New Year: Making a Resolution to Get Organized

  1. You are singing my song! Love this post.

    See you soon, Trish

    The Write Stuff Delaware LLC 302.249.7767

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